Projektcircus Lumina

"Wo Träume Wirklichkeit werden"

Lumina comes from the Latin word "lumen" and means "the shining ones".

Since happy children's eyes "shine" when they are in the spotlight in the center of the arena or they were able to present their learned skills on a stage, we found the name "Lumina" very appropriate for a project circus and so the name "Circus Lumina" was born.

Circus education

General educational
learning objectives In circus education, a variety of basic educational values ​​are conveyed through continuous, self-motivated practice of new movement patterns in the group, without the educational work having to be in the foreground. Some of these learning objectives are, for example:

* Increase in concentration stamina, frustration tolerance and self-discipline

* Group ability

* Fairness

* Increasing self-confidence and self-esteem through recognition within and outside the group, especially through the performance at the end of the project

* Aesthetic self-awareness

* Trust in the reliability of third parties

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